The concept ( English translation )

The concept of renewable art as imagined by François Darras was born in 2012. His work began with the development of porcelains and old paintings from the 19 century to the first half of the 20th, artists deemed worthless unknown or forgotten. They come out from his studio resolutely contemporary and questioning the value, the reputation, by proving that as modest as it is, an artwork is a valuable object that just requests to be revealed. Because Renewable Art is also a metaphor for human being. If he stows himself in the category of contemporary artists, he claims the status of left behind promoter, and not only to honor them, allows them to exist again. All artists have drawn their inspiration partly from others, contemporary or old without any explicit reference, but most of time unmasked by their critics. 


FD argues that art can not be reduced to a consumer item that you buy and throw out. The art is durable and its different forms, classical, modern, contemporary .... do not collide with one another, on the contrary, they complement each other. he disrupts the dictates of marketing that requires an artistic hierarchy based on communication and he honors those who have not had the chance to meet their public or over a too short and limited period. 


This new concept could revolutionize the world of art, propelling artists left behind at the forefront of contemporary art, from oblivion and indifference to the most worldwide visited places, conferring them some....immortality.




A few words from COSIMO STRAZZERI


Dirigente attached to the ministry of Education, Rierca University, History of Literature, Art Critic about Renewable Art concept :


« this is a new and original vision of Art that highlights past and present continuity. The results are certainly very interesting and may lead to a significant renewal of our approach towards  Art »